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    Olam Qatan:
    from the Heart of the World

    Book of the month:

    Daniel Matt

    Lev HaKabbalah


    Recommended Book:

    Jelaluddin Rumi

    The Diwan of Shamsi-Tabriz

    “Every human being is a micro-cosm (olam qatan),
    and the world as a whole is a macro-human being.”
    – Rabbi Yitzhaq of Acre (14th Century Kabbalist)

    Olam Qatan is a bookstore in Jerusalem offering spiritual and holistic books in English and Hebrew, and sponsoring lectures, workshops and other special events. We published a translation of the Diwan by Rumi from Persian into Hebrew, and more recently published the Hebrew translation of the popular anthology by Daniel Matt, The Essential Kabbalah. We are also a center for World Music, especially the new east-west music, oriental music and Jewish spiritual music coming out of Israel. Our favorite CDs and books can now be purchased all over the world. Welcome to the “small world” of Olam Qatan!

    שיווק בפייסבוק  
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